Tumwater, Wa has a storied history of craft brewing dating back to the Capital Brewing Co. built below Tumwater Falls by the Leopold Schmidt family in 1896. This iconic company became the Olympia Brewing Co. in 1902, using the phrase "It's the Water" to showcase it's beer made with Artisan well water. Though the Olympia Brewery is closed, its impact on the Northwest is still felt to this day. We want to carry on the tradition of exceptional regional craft brewing through coffee.

Covabrelli Coffee exists to grow relationships through ethically sourced, exceptionally roasted, fresh coffee. Everyone who drinks coffee knows what bad coffee tastes like. Cream and sugar can help make a bad cup of coffee more tolerable. We want our customers to enjoy coffee for how amazing it really tastes. Lou, Covabrelli's founder, has been developing his craft doing small batch roasting for 12 years. The results of his meticulous attention to detail can be tasted in every roast we produce. We offer a variety of coffee from the major coffee growing regions around the world, some blends, and a few water processed decaf’s. Covabrelli is committed to promote sustainability at every level of our company. All of our coffee comes from either an individual farm or cooperative that meets or exceeds fair labor practices and are certified organic.



Most people who drink a great cup of coffee either compliment the person who made it or the person who roasted it. Do you ever think about the person who grew it? We do. People grow coffee because that's what they can do to survive and provide for their families. The average coffee farmer has a lot at stake managing his farm. Weather, leaf rust, borer beetle, antestia bug, C-market, and cost of labor are just a few of their challenges. What are we doing to help? Covabrelli buys coffee from partner companies that provide resources to coffee farmers and cooperatives so that they can thrive. Atlas Coffee in Seattle, Oynx Coffee in Bellingham and Royal Coffee in San Francisco are a few of our partners. We've traveled to Finca Vista Hermosa in Guatemala to learn first hand what life is like for a coffee grower and hope for the opportunity to visit other farms in the future.